Helicopter Landing Officers Handbook - 10th Edition (2014)

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The handbook covers:

  •          Helicopter Landing Officer’s requirements

The Responsibilities defined by Regulation and organisational duties offshore

  •          Helidecks checks

It is the HLOs responsibility to ensure that the helideck and associated equipment is in a suitable condition for helicopter operations

  •          Helicopter communications and meteorology

The HLO needs to understand the communication system between the installation of the helicopter

  •          Helideck operations

The HLO reports to the OIM for the control of helicopter operations in relation to the installation

  •          Helideck loading

The HLO is responsible for all those engaged in operations on or near the helicopter landing, loading and unloading operation

  •          Dangerous goods

Assisting in ensuring the safe and efficient transhipment of cargo, the HLO must adhere to regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by air

  •          Helicopter identification

Diagrams showing external dimensions, tonnages and D values of various helicopter types

The HLO Handbook is not available digitally.

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