Edinburgh Science Festival

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Generation Science

The main project in the science festival education programme is Generation Science, which visits schools across Scotland from January to May each year.

Generation Science brings unique and inspiring science lessons directly to classrooms all over Scotland with a programme of highly interactive shows and hands-on workshops.

All Generation Science shows and workshops are linked to the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Government's Curriculum for Excellence. The shows aim to improve the teaching of science in Scottish primary schools and support teachers to deliver the curriculum.

As a funding partner, OPITO supports the Generation Science programme to deliver various STEM related workshops at schools across Scotland. The 2017/18 programme engaged with over 56,000 primary school pupils at 581 schools. OPITO focused support on workshops which enabled Generation Science to reach some of Scotland's most disadvantaged and rural schools.

Careers Hive

Launched in February 2016, Careers Hive is an immersive careers education event designed to give students in S1-S3 a new way to think about their futures. It highlights the opportunities available to those who study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), as well as the cross-disciplinary skills and subjects that can support and enhance STEM careers.

With the support of OPITO and various other organisations, Careers Hive can inspire the next generation through a a range of interactive workshops and activities that explore different STEM careers.

Young people, teachers and families from across Scotland attended Careers Hive in February-March 2018 in Edinburgh. The event attracted over 1,100 school pupils from 18 schools and 1,500 additional visitors.

The 2019 Careers Hive event takes place in February (25th - 1st March) at the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh. For more information please visit the Science Festival website.

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