1. 2015

    To help Cyprus become a regional centre of technical excellence for oil and gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, on the 22nd April 2015 a new office in Cyprus was opened in the presence of the British High Commissioner, Mr D R Todd.

  2. 2014

    OPITO, alongside industry partners and sponsoring companies, celebrated a milestone with the 15th anniversary of the Upstream Oil and Gas Technician Training Scheme – now one of the most recognised schemes in the country. OPITO launched the first ever National Oil and Gas Skills Week which included a host of oil and gas events across the UK, aimed at tackling the skills gap, common misconceptions of the industry and inspiring the next generation. Finally, towards the end of 2014 the TRAIN-R mobile application was made available for download – the app allows oil and gas employees to check and manage their OPITO training, anywhere in the world.

  3. 2009

    In 2009 OPITO, the skills organisation for oil and gas, restructured as a group, opening offices in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Houston. The new international business began working with governments, national oil companies, multi-nationals and contractors. This was to ensure skills needs were met through the provision of independent, non-commercially driven advice and guidance on effective management of workforce skills development, emergency response and occupational standards and also qualifications and quality assurance of training delivery.
    In addition, our UK office in Portlethen, Aberdeen was officially opened by Sir Ian Wood in 2009, following an eight month renovation project which saw Minerva House double its workforce capacity.
    2008- Alongside industry partners and sponsors, OPITO launched Energise Your Future - a unique interactive careers and lifestyle event which saw 36 exhibitors interact with over 800 visitors, providing them with a valuable insight into the oil and gas industry. The event’s success inspired OPITO to host a series of similar events across the country.

  4. 2005 to 2007

    A significant growth in the organisation and with the emergence of new activity concentrated on promoting the oil and gas industry as a career opportunity and how to promote this sector to key markets. This included workforce development strategies and frameworks, working with educational bodies, as well as informing and influencing government and external stakeholders.

  5. 2004

    The OPITO Ltd board was established to ensure that industry needs and requirements was the focus of attention appointing David Doig as CEO in 2004 to ensure this was achieved.

  6. 2000

    Following the implementation of safety and training standards within the UKCS, a globalisation strategy was agreed by the OPITO board in 2000 - to share the learning gained from the North Sea with other hydrocarbon provinces that were seeking to establish standards to improve workforce safety and competency.

  7. 1999

    1999 was an exciting year for OPITO with the launch of the Upstream Oil and Gas Technician Training Scheme, which continues to grow in popularity each year, and the Petroleum Open Learning function which offers a variety of open learning products

  8. 1991

    National Training Organisations (NTO’s) were established resulting in the establishment of OPITO, the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation – responsible for oil and gas extraction.

  9. 1982

    PITB split, separating upstream oil and gas and downstream oil and gas which resulted in the formation of two training functions - Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Board (OPITB) and Petroleum Training Federation (PTF).

  10. 1977

    In an effort to address the skills gaps between traditional industry and the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry and to up-skill existing workers, the government established industry training boards including the Petroleum Industry Training Board (PITB).