Technical Approval

Working closely with the oil and gas industry and our industry stakeholders, we identify the needs and requirements for training and occupational standards.  These standards play a pivotal part in the occupational training and competence assessment of oil and gas employees in designated technical roles. 

Candidates that are successfully assessed against OPITO Technical Standards are awarded globally recognised qualifications which are issued jointly by OPITO and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Assessment is undertaken either in the training centre or workplace depending on the type and level of qualification.

Training providers can apply for OPITO approval to conduct assessment in line with these standards. Our approval procedure and monitoring activity is a robust process and ensures that assessment is quality assured with competence based, consistent outcomes.

Following successful participation in the approvals process, training providers are awarded individual approval for the specified qualifications and selected standards.  Training providers can then enrol candidates on to OPITO Technical Qualification Assessment Programs and request certification of successful candidates from OPITO. 

Only OPITO Approved Technical Qualifications centres can request OPITO certification against OPITO technical standards.

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