As the skills organisation for oil and gas, we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop the current workforce and drive opportunities for future generations in the oil and gas industry. 

We raise awareness of and promote apprenticeships as an effective entry route to the industry. On behalf of industry, we manage the Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme, in association with the ECITB and also manage Schlumberger’s Maintenance Technical Apprenticeship. 

Internationally, we are working with Governments, NGOs and oil companies across the world to develop and implement national and international competency frameworks which will allow citizens to access job opportunities in the oil and gas sectors within their country and more widely.  

We also carry out specific research projects, analysed to identify the need for training courses to meet industry demand and design programmes with our partners, to raise awareness of the oil and gas industry to inspire the next generation. 

We play host to a range of events, aimed at not only raising awareness of the industry as a whole, but also the range of opportunities available within this dynamic, and global sector and the way in which it fits into the energy mix and affects our day to day lives.