POL Workforce Development

Petroleum Open Learning (POL) courses can be used as part of your organisation's workforce development or training programme.  Our industry recognised City and Guilds accredited qualifications can assist the development and competence of various roles within the oil and gas sector. 

Our open learning functionality, allows candidates to study within their own time or as part of your training capacity – there are no set time limits or restrictions, allowing learning to be flexible and adaptable to fit in with your training schedules. 

The portfolio currently hosts a range of modules in both workbook and digital formats, within 4 areas of oil and gas:

Petroleum Processing Technology Series 
Cover oil and gas separation, gas dehydration, petroleum gas compression, natural gas liquids recovery, oil pumping and metering, injection water treatment, produced water treatment, gas flow measurement, process flow, piping and instrument diagrams, and oil treatment over the course of 10 modules

Oil and Gas Well Technology Series 
Covering oil well drilling technology, oil well production technology and drilling calculations over 3 separate modules

Subsea Technology Series 
Which studies subsea equipment and tools, material technologies, subsea systems and flow assurance, ROV systems and subsea controls over 4 separate modules

Oil and Gas Electrical Engineering Systems 
Covers electrical safety, electrical hazard area equipment, electric motors, generation, distribution and control of electrical supplies and electrical protection systemsover 5 separate modules

These courses can be used by a new-start as an introduction, or by more experienced professionals, looking to develop further skills and knowledge within the chosen area.

A host of oil and gas organisations have incorporated POL into their workforce development plans.  We are in the process of developing a number of case studies to showcase the benefits of POL - these will be uploaded shortly. 

A number of current apprentices working their way through the Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme (OGTAP) are now sponsored through the Petroleum Processing Technology Series.  A number of the schemes sponsoring companies use these modules to give the apprentices an understanding of process operations.  Implementing the use of these modules also gives the apprentices further opportunities within other roles and disciplines.

For further information or to discuss the implementation of POL into your organisations training and development schedule, please contact the POL team within our UK office or drop us an email.