Missions and Objectives

Our mission is to support the industry to build a sustainable, competent and safe oil and gas workforce and to ensure that quality, innovation and partnership underpin everything that we do.

To do this, we will:

Provide industry standards and support competence

We will develop technical and safety training standards which will act as the oil and gas industry benchmarks and provide best practice guidance and quality assurance for standards and competence management.

Support the industry in the development of a skilled workforce

Develop targeted initiatives and programmes to ensure a sustainable supply of skilled individuals into the oil and gas industry.

Promote and signpost careers and training in oil and gas

We will raise awareness of, and promote the oil and gas industry as a career. We will provide coherent, informed guidance on careers paths, training opportunities and links to gain employment within the oil and gas industry.

Connect the industry and provide intelligence

We will gather and analyse intelligence and research to inform the development of skills solutions – building strategic partnerships, connecting industry stakeholders and facilitating effective collaborations.