As a result of the Civil Aviation Report’s (CAP1145) recommendations, the UK BOSIET/FOET/HUET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) training standard was introduced in February 2016.

Since the launch of this standard, OPITO have continued to engage with various stakeholders to ensure that the UK BOSIET/FOET/HUET (with CA-EBS) Standard meets industry’s current requirements.

There has been a growing demand for CA-EBS training globally.  This demand means that there is now a requirement for CA-EBS training on an international scale, and not only within the UK.  Various multinational operating companies have an aim to introduce CA-EBS on their flights globally and require a standard which can be readily recognised from a global perspective.  As a result, the UK reference from the formally known UK BOSIET/FOET/HUET (with CA-EBS) has been removed.  The standard will be known as the BOSIET/FOET/HUET (with CA-EBS) from Monday, June 20th 2016.  

The updated Standard title does not affect the standard content and there are no further changes to report.  This change does not affect delegates who have undertaken training with the previous title name – their certification will remain valid until the expiry date stated.

This update will ensure consistency of training on a much wider level and supports OPITO’s aim to build global standards to support the oil and gas industry. 

In the longer term, all industry stakeholders in the UK will work towards providing in-water training exercises using CA-EBS equipment.

The new Standards will be delivered by OPITO’s network of Approved Training Providers.

Employing companies who are mapping training programme content of BOSIET (5700) and FOET (5858) plus CA EBS Initial Deployment (5902) against UK BOSIET (5750) and UK FOET (5850) for competence purposes can use the downloadable documents as a guide.