Central Register for Oil & Gas Certification

Our Central Register maintains the training records of all delegates who have successfully completed OPITO training, assessments and programs – a quick and easy way for oil and gas employers to verify  an individual’s training details. 

Training details are updated regularly to ensure the most up to date information is available. The industry can access training records globally through the Central Register and the Vantage POB which is used in the UK to track personnel working offshore. Training Providers and industry employers who train to OPITO standards have online access to the Central Register, allowing them to verify records. 

Offshore workers are now able to access their training records at the touch of a button wherever they are in the world thanks to our new mobile application, The OPITO TRAIN-R.

For further information, please contact our Central Register team in the UK office, or for information on how to download our app visit The OPITO TRAIN-R.