About Competence Management Systems Effective competence management ensures that workflow is managed safely and in an efficient way, maximising productivity and ensuring workforce capability.

A good quality Competence Management System (CMS) will bring real and lasting benefits to any oil and gas organisation. Encompassing the performance and development of all members of staff with a structured, measured system that gives the organisation more control over risk and cost at every step of the competence management lifestyle – selection, training and development, staff deployment, assessment and carrying out the job role. 

There is an increasing focus from industry regulators and professional bodies on the need for formal processes to develop, maintain and monitor the competence of their workforce. To address this need, we have developed best practice criteria by which an oil and gas organisation can have its existing CMS evaluated and approved to our criteria. By conducting an objective third party measurement against a range of key processes, we will provide value and assistance to the organisation by approving a system that works for them.  

Existing clients have confirmed real value from the ongoing quality assurance review and measurement and continue to incorporate our audit findings into their improvement plans.