Helicopter Publications

Our Helicopter publications are used throughout the oil and gas industry and form part of a number of our safety training standards. 

Working alongside industry, the newly updated versions of the Helicopter Landing Officers Handbook and the Helicopter Refuelling Handbook include the latest information on CAP 437 and the Oil and Gas UK Helicopter guidelines.

These best practice guidelines assist with both the Helicopter Landing Officer role and the Helideck Assistant role.

  • Helicopter Landing Officers Handbook - 11th Edition (2018)

    Helicopter Landing Officers Handbook - 11th Edition (2018)


    The Helicopter Landing Officer Handbook is based on industry regulations and includes the basic information needed and required for the Helideck Landing Officer to carry out his or her role offshore.  

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  • Helicopter Refuelling Handbook - 7th Edition (2014)

    Helicopter Refuelling Handbook - 7th Edition (2014)


    The Helicopter Refuelling Handbook provides a guide to the handling and dispending of aviation fuel.

    Based on industry best practice regulations, the handbook covers all models currently in use in the UK oil and gas industry, providing reference to equipment and processes necessary to deliver fuel safely and free from contamination. 

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