CMS Approval

A good quality Competence Management System (CMS) will bring real and lasting benefits to any organisation.

OPITO CMS approval encompasses the performance and development of employees using a structured and measured system, that gives the organisation more control over risk and cost at every step of the competence management lifecycle – selection, training and development, staff deployment, assessment and carrying out the job role.

OPITO, alongside industry stakeholders, has developed best practice criteria by which an energy organisation can have its existing CMS evaluated and approved. By conducting an objective third party measurement against a range of industry agreed key processes, OPITO CMS approval provides value and assistance to an organisation by approving a bespoke system that meets their requirements.

The approval demonstrates commitment to maintaining industry developed criteria and enables the organisation to further promote the competence of their employees to existing and perspective clients, and regulatory bodies. CMS approval includes regular audits to ensure continual improvement. The approval can also provide evidence as part of a tender.

Existing OPITO approved organisations have confirmed real value from the ongoing quality assurance review and measurement and continue to incorporate OPITO audit findings into ongoing improvement and development plans.

For further information or to discuss your query further, please contact the CMS team in one of the OPITO regional offices.

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