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OSCC – the journey so far


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Celebrating 5 years of OSCC

This year, we're celebrating five years of OSCC, the only annual, global conference focused on safety and competence in the oil and gas industry. Our video shows the highlights throughout the years, and what the 2014 event has in store for attendees.

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OPITO’s One Vision

OPITO is heightening its campaign for common global training standards across the oil and gas industry to dramatically improve safety with the launch of a short film - One Vision. Launched at the 4th OPITO Safety and Competence Conference (OSCC) in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, November 19th 2013, the film outlines OPITO's quest to have every oil and gas worker, no matter where in the world, trained to OPITO standards.

More than 250,000 people per year train to the OPITO standards across the globe from New Zealand to the Gulf of Mexico, making the industry safer but OPITO is not complacent and this film aims to highlight the need for a common approach to global safety standards and is part of OPITO's renewed drive for one common global standard.

OPITO Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training - BOSIET

This video highlights OPITO's role in the global oil and gas industry and provides an overview of modules contained within the OPITO Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET) competency based training course.


This short video highlights the importance of a competent workforce and the benefits of the OPITO Competence Management System.

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