OPITO Lego Challenge

In partnership with Meldrum Academy, we developed the OPITO Lego Challenge - a hands-on Lego mechanics resource designed for school pupils in secondary 1-3.

This practical project introduces school pupils to a range of mechanisms and highlights relevant practices within the energy industry.

The resource was created to boost confidence in key areas of physics, technical studies and problem solving, whilst supporting the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence.

The OPITO Lego Challenge consists of 3 courses:

  1. Mechanics In Practice – Working in pairs, school pupils use a customised Lego kit to build and investigate a series of mechanisms including levers, pulleys, inclined plane and cam. Pupils then utilise the skills they have learnt to create 2 ‘Big Build’ machines.
  2. Energy and Work – Within this course school pupils work in their pairs to cover a range of mechanisms including gears and pawl and ratchet. Pupils are then asked to build a wind turbine, investigating the relationship between energy used and work done.
  3. Renewable Energy –. School pupils are provided with a renewables Lego kit for this task working together to generate energy from solar power, wind power and hydropower. Pupils are then challenged to design a buggy that will travel the furthest distance. This task encourages pupils to generate energy from a renewable source and experiment with the gear ratios of the vehicle.

Materials are available to download at: