As the oil and gas industry develops within the UK, it is essential that we teach the next generation the benefits of a career in this exciting and innovative sector. 

Inspiring students from a broad range of disciplines with an array of curriculum activities including our OPITO Lego Challenge, we can raise awareness of the broad range of career paths in oil and gas – from science to sales, and management to mechanics, there are thousands of roles in oil and gas, and it’s not all hard hats and oil rigs. 

Our dedicated careers website – myOilandGasCareer – can match skills and ambitions to a number of roles, show students how to make the most of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and advise on how to make it into the oil and gas industry, from pursuing an apprenticeship to going to university. 

Working with our education partners, academia and the oil and gas industry, we are continuing to establish relationships, focusing on developing new and exciting concepts to best engage with pupils, tackling the industries skills gaps, needs and requirements.

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